About Justin Breckels

New Church School in 1973
Justin Breckels in a school photograph.

A short History of Me.

I was born in 1962 in Essex. I lived firstly in Cranham but I can't remember that at all! From there I moved to Rayleigh also in Essex. I don't remember much about that home either but I do remember going to see my younger brother in hospital the day after he was born, children weren't allowed in Hospitals then and my father held both my older brother and I at the window so we could see! From there we moved to Westcliff on sea where I remember spending lots of time in the loft pretending we were flying over the sea! When I was nine we moved again, this time to north Essex, Marks Tey. I stayed living there until I was 19.

I went to school at the New Church school in Colchester until I was 11. I am the small boy standing on the right of the teacher in the photo. After I left that school I went to the Boys High also in Colchester and remained there until I was 17. After I left school I got a job working in a wood yard near my home of Marks Tey. I was sacked from that job shortly after my 18th birthday. I was earning £25 per week before tax for a 45 hour week! I then spent three months on a boat building course in Lowestoft in Suffolk. After I finished the course I went back home for a few months before I moved to Woodbridge in Suffolk. I loved the town and lived there until 1989. While I was there I spent 6 fantastic years working with the U.S Airforce. I made a lot of good friends with the military and I have got back in touch with two of my friend since that time. In 1989 I moved to Cambridgeshire. I married in September 1991 and the first of my four children came along the following September.

As is often the case life sometimes doesn't go the way you had hoped my wife and I separated in 2003 and divorced in 2004. Since my divorce I have lived in Cambridgeshire until September 2010 when I returned to South Essex. I am now living in what years ago was my Grandmothers flat. It is great being back in Essex and I feel as though I am finally home.


Like My brothers also I was brought up to go to church. Like many people I went because I was given no option in the matter and I went because my parents went. By the time I moved to Woodbridge the whole church life had been ingrained in me and I found a church to go to. I thought no more of religion than it was something I just did, because I always had. Then I noticed that the people in this new church actually seemed to enjoy being there! It was while I was at St Johns in Woodbridge that I discovered that God was interested in me and was not there to simply bash me with a big stick when I messed up. I made the decision to ask God into my life and I am glad that I did. I have tried to live for Him ever since and I know when I mess up He is ready and willing to pick me up and brush me down again and help me on the way again. Anyone who says that religion is a crutch should try it. After my divorce the only thing that kept me going was my faith, despite all the bad times, God is still God.


After I split up from my wife I needed something to do to stop me going mad. A friend invited me to go along to a Medieval re-enactment. I went expecting to meet a lot of slightly mad people. I was right! I joined in with the group as an Archer. I felt at once at home and I was welcomed as a member of the family. Over the past years I have got more involved and discovered that beating people up with swords and other weapons is fun! I look forward to each new season and spend time trying to get as close to the real lifestyle as I can. Come and have a go, it's addictive! Also over the past few years I have started writing, quite a lot of poetry and in 2011 I should have my first novel in the shops.

Well that's it for now, my life up to spring 2011. I am sure that over the next few years life will get more interesting and I can't wait to see what is round the corner.

Justin as a re-enactor


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